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Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel In this video I'm with my son Angel and today I'm going to try some pieces from the Fashion Nova store and he will give us his opinion about it, and what he thinks about the clothes, if he should use it or not but you have to be very honest and let me know like "Mom, that does not look good" or, "okay, that looks good" Mom, I tell you that everything looks good, I'm always honest cute I taught him well This blouse is also from Fashion Nova but I bought it a long time ago, so it does not count I'm going to change to the first outfit, and now I'm back This is the first dress

It is in the color nude / mauve it's a bit long What do you think baby? I think that looks good do you approve? yes Where do I wear this dress? I think a good place to use it would be for your birthday and then go to a restaurant or something if it's okay for a restaurant, right? now we are going to focus on

Odin is still making a lot of noise and I have to teach you something Look what Odin did did all that? my shoe bit my shoe quitate They cost like 100 dollars, that's a lot for me first we will focus on the blouse because they are separated, the blouse and the leggings do not come together the blouse says "Good vibes" and I like to stretch it's comfortable Yes in fact I like blouses like that for day to day What do you think about this blouse? – I do not know you do not like? why not? What do you think about the leggings? they stretch a lot and they are very soft, touch them leggings up to the waist, and I feel they help put everything what does that mean? you would not understand yet squeezes your body and makes you look skinnier? then if you understand following These also come separated, so let's start with the blouse which is almost like a sweater, is a little thick it's a bit transparent as maybe they realized but nothing happens, I wear labels for the nipples of hearts They are cute you can lower the zipper to open the blouse but I like it up top and yes, what do you think? This nice truth? I like this and I put it on with these pants that I love I have another pair but I put them on so much that they look very used so I needed a new pair

They stretch a lot the only thing is that because I'm a little tall, this line here is very high I should be on my knees but it's higher What do you think of my pants? – I do not see anything special so everything has been fine so far return my shoe Where do you think I should wear this outfit? I think it was good to go to use it in the mall It makes me very beautiful for the market center this is the next dress It is of a different material, it is stretched, but it is not leather

It almost feels like leather, but it's not is too small for my breasts the cup is very small and I almost do not like dresses with stuffing I do not know if you can see but it shows here, and I do not like that and has golden closure What do you think about this dress? I think more or less It makes me very pink And you even bring pink nails, I just realized I do not have a little finger good if I have the finger but not the nail and where are I wearing this dress? how difficult "You can comb my hair" good good, for! I think it would be nice if you put it on for a concert What concert do I take with me? This is the next set it's a set, they come together when you order and this is the crop top blouse, it also stretches a lot and is very soft you're scary your hair This is the blouse and this leggings, has these stripes on the sides as well as on the sleeve but as you can see They came with a hole, so I'm very sad Do not you care if they see you with this hole? – do not How nice – Why will I care? what do you give? – I give him

you like? It's really nice? – Yes and for me to wear it? to train soccer I look like a soccer mom? more or less ? now is this blouse that is very pretty but it's very transparent, you can see my hearts I do not know why they sent me a Medium, but if it fits me Well the little one maybe I would have stayed better pretty hearts Thank you Do not you like me a lot? Where do you think I should wear this blouse? with those pants? – They do not have to be with these pants I think it was fine for the mall, or Target I almost did not dress like that for Target or the mall I dress more casual for those places unless I go to the Beverly Hills shopping center, when I'm going to show off, then yes What is "Vitriniar"? is when you only go to see why you do not have money to buy that was all for today's video, I hope and you enjoyed it subscribe! comment on what clothes they like more! my favorite was these leggings with the other blouse (the set) Thanks again and I see you in my next video! xoxo

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