I Spent OVER $2,000 on BTS Clothes!

Hey, it's Fei Today's video is a little bit different I've never done anything like this before and I'm a little bit nervous because I don't know where I'm going with this I just want to put out a quick disclaimer I'm trying to brag or I'm trying to like come off in the wrong way with this video Concept I'm not trying to convey a wrong message about buying Material and branded clothes

I mean you're cool I don't know If I'm quite honest with you, I never really buy branded clothes ever I'm not materialistic person at all, and I don't really care about brand things It was until recently Became more interested in like brand stories in the past I spend a lot of money on buying a lot of clothes, but not quality clothes I'll be honest I don't fit a lot of my older clothes and more so I did this huge Closet clean out and I donated my clothes away, and then I told myself You know what I'm gonna splurge You know I deserve it

You know I'm becoming more healthy clothes fit me better now and I feel better about myself I never really bought things that were quality over quantity so then I came over this idea I i spent over $2,000 on BTS clothes Hear me out, I'm actually really into it and I really like looking at what k-pop idols wear So I might make this a segment if you guys like it doing it with different groups 7 and 8 I don't really have a format for this video So I'm just I guess I'm just gonna share some of the pieces I got and Yeah first thing good and Listen Linda It took me forever to try to get this freaking sweater, okay? This is the Gucci striped wool Intarsia sweater that J-hope wore in the BTS DNA MV it is the most expensive piece out of everything I got so I had a friend who found a website that sold it for a little bit cheaper Cheaper yeah, I had it's such a hate lover like you should be getting this one day I was all for it the next day I was like should i really

? but J-Hope wore it, come on just do it, you can, just do it you can use the money on something so much more important Not only that the website gave me such a hard time trying to buy this anyways okay, anyways But yeah talking to customer service I apparently bought the last one that they had in stock on the front it has this Tiger facing on the back it has "Hollywood" on it *ohyeah* this piece was a thousand four hundred seventy Bucks all together yeah, so you bet I'm gonna wear this out every day Yeah, more than just the Instagram post mm-hmm I'm gonna wear this to my grandma's Christmas party coming up this month Cuz we celebrate Christmas every month every day is Christmas gift-giving is love Now that huge guild is out of the way, this is the next one I i really really like this sweater This city is from staff only, and it's the 4c hoodie and sighs I don't know if I think it was like medium very big Oh, I forget where Jin wore this but he wore this and I just I am obsessed with the whole half half color cuz' you know like, so fashonista-is-esk And I thought this piece was like somebody dollars or so but on the actual website which I love W concept I go on there all the time now They sold it for 108 dollars Next piece This is DUCKDIVE football hoodie, and I didn't buy this one this was actually gifted to me through a friend From the brand shout out to will and also the shirt her shout out to DUCKDIVE I originally wanted the green one they didn't have that and stock anymore because it's sold out so they only have the orange hoodie and Originally I wanted these sweatpants with it, but that also sold out sugar worried the green one and one of their live performances so This is 74 dollars on duck ties website Next piece is this I? love this, i love this what do you call this? not sweatpants, see? i Don't know I don't know I don't know whatever

This is copies are being modern line the pants from a BS rabbit and I Have fallen in love with that brand I really like their backstory as well, so that's a definite plus for me Jen or this from one of their teasers concepts I think For DNA They're only fifty four dollars which is like good on my behalf because Listen Linda everything that could find that BTS wars were like a thousand dollars up Oh, and I found something that was like fifty four dollars I like By the way everything I have here were everything left in stock all the other outfits and clothings I found and shoes and hats and accessories were all Sold out cookie were a t-shirt from H&M, and it was like on sale for five bucks I was so ready, and then it was out of stock I mean go figure Depending at the ingo these pants gives me a really good Like long leg leg, but then if you look at me regularly I look like I love the side

It says the future will be better tomorrow right okay? Yeah, I did but you this material Is different from this material? Yes, I know I'm so good at this whole thing Next is one of my favorites this is from voy voy a byte VoIP it boy a bit boy II Don't know how to pronounce This is a V520 Stripe Pocket But pocket turtleneck and it's in black and white for me black with blue stripes Roughly 80 bucks in a men like and even though you know I'm not including shipping and handling fees seamen were there's two other people it's like oh my gosh That is such a good Like so fast, but me oh my god There's a pond there you go put popcorn and then you could put your accidentally you go to the movies No ever No, you know That's a different reason for everyone, and I'm just obsessed with the frickin sleeves like I just Yeah this tension yeah, am I supposed to explain like the fabric I knew percent cotton I do regret oh no I don't regret I remember Okay, we have three pieces left Oh this kind of goes together This is my favorite piece it says Egyptian one, but not only because this is Justin Siegel's outfit That was still in stock, but because the pants finally fit me like strong parting I don't know how to pronounce the brand, but it's from UNRML Together this is about two hundred dollars the sweatshirt Costs about a leg and the sweat pants itself causes about a knee cap so I'll put it together about two hundred bucks You can buy them separately a quickie wore this at the airport, which means is it is his go-to outfit Same Bias goals although my sister said it looks like a trash bag I disagree so the sweater is like super soft and everything, but has this detailing where it looks like a trash bag and Then also a detailing on the hood it has that lining down the straps here are ribbons And there's the little logo so that's for the hoodie And then for the sweatpants it has the thing ribbon is so like I died just Saw the price tag on um

I'm not returning this You know this fabric must have kept cookies bum bum soft and warm You have your brand name on the leg so yeah And yes it will fit you if you want to buy it And you're the same size as me just make sure you get small or medium, and I'm about five Subway's along so Pay deliver for you guess how much this one I Usually buy my beanies for like $20 and up $10 uh, don't worry i have $10 with me take it Take all the $10 you want, just kidding This is the card heart minute cap watch watch cap I got it on Dick's online stores Maybe you can find it in store I'm not sure see Jimin wore this in a selfie I think and I'm not it has a vintage feel to it by the corner, but yeah, I really like that piece It's cost like a fingernail and cool with that fingernails can grow legs Puma collaborated shoes with BTS

They're really worn out you guys saw them in my Korea vlogs I got these for about one hundred and twenty dollars And I'm pretty sure all the members have them in all the members worn them I know they have like the newer ones out but these like My message for this video I hope you guys enjoyed all the pieces I wore and I'm so happy to actually has matching livers And you know I'm really sad I didn't get anything that v related or RM related But that was because everything they wore I could find sold out I will say for sure V is definitely the guy who Invests a lot of money in his clothing because he was one of the members that were like thousand dollars worth of clothing Like this video if you guys want me to actually do more of these videos where I go out and buy The liver slapped me Where I go in buy clothing items and outfits from your favorite? K-pop groups definitely click this pole and a vote for which group I should do this on next yes Yes, and if not then don't forget to subscribe I'm trying to bring them more and more kpop related videos here, and I'm really excited until next time I'm in love

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