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(static crackling) (slow indie music) ♪ P-A-Q ♪ (Dex mimics a record scratching) (Dex whistles) (Shaq laughs) (Dex tweets) (Shaq roars) – Chewbacca (Dex roars) (Dex laughs) (Elias trills) PAQ presents Dress Like a Girl – Women's wear – So, obviously in this challenge, what me and the boys are doing is we're making a fire outfit purely out of women's clothing

– I'm mad excited for this episode I've been excited to do this episode way before we even started episodes – It's not about taking the mick at all It's genuinely like, you'll see some stuff that's technically made for women's but you'd never guess it It's how you wear stuff

It's not who it's made for – You've got Skepta who wore like a blouse, a woman's blouse, a woman's top And they look hard I didn't know it until you even said it – Young Thug came out and said 90% of his wardrobe is women's wear, which is crazy

– I remember, people used to frown on pink And then Killa Cam came out wearing pink Pink mink, like Pink mink, bruv – Jaden Smith did the Louis Vuitton campaign, and wore a skirt, and he looked amazing

– I guess there are so many celebrities that are helping break that boundary – Being gender-neutral on fashion, I think it comes with a lot of maturity That's one thing I feel like a lot of people kind of got to address and kind of introduce – Cause we have this platform, we could make it a bit more acceptable and open people's eyes – Be nice to see that, like a bright-colored sundress or something

So we got, Vanessa White from The Saturdays coming down, she's literally on I'm A Celebrity just now – Just now? – Right now? – Right this second? – From Australia? – So we got Vanessa White from The Saturday's coming down– – Wait, wait, wait, if she was just on it, just now, in Australia, does that mean, we're a day behind? Or they're a day before? Or we're a day before? – They're a day before – Well then it would be tomorrow, because it was just now – Nah, it'd be yesterday – No but if it was just now, today for us, – Lately, these judges have had their heads so firmly on the ground, they can't fly back into the sky with me

– You're Astroboy and Astrogirl at the same time That's quite a talent – That's called genderfluid – Ooh – Thanks man

– Does it matter when you're from space? – I forgot My bad – So now we gotta figure out what we wanna do, so we're gonna head out, link up with a girl that has, kinda good style advice, that can tell us about sizes, because I definitely don't know what size I am – Womenswear, kinda got some ideas, but I feel like I need a females opinion so I can kinda bounce off it So I approached Helen, from Bad Canteen, as you probably know her

I kinda wanna look like, a rich mum What we're doing in this shot is either trying to find some actual stuff, or if not, then at least get some inspiration, so at least it's not fully wasted – Hello Dan, you alright? – Hey mate! How we doing? – Good, how you doing? (soft music) – Okay, hi – Oh my days – I actually really like these, if you don't get them, I will

– I think I'll let you have 'em That's pretty cool That with that – Yeah – Oh! – [Woman] Those are nice

– Don't know if they're very me, though – This is very puffy, this is power shoulders – That's very much my Grandma – Think you should try this on, too – Do you know what I was feeling? – That? Perfect

He just went all out – I'm sure a few people out there need new phone wallpapers ♪ You ain't on my swag ♪ ♪ You, you ain't on my swag ♪ ♪ You ain't on my swag ♪ ♪ On my swag, swag radar ♪ ♪ You ain't on my swag ♪ ♪ You, you ain't on my swag ♪ – Are you falling asleep? Sorry mate I'm sure this will wake you up (laughing) I've got a massive wedgie, it's just not budging

♪ You ain't on my swag ♪ ♪ You, you ain't on my swag ♪ – I think you could build a really good outfit around these trousers so that as a base of the silhouette And then work from there – Trousers sorted, the rest of them, not too sure about – I think he's very sure about that mesh number, we all know he's sure – That mesh number was good, I might be coming back for that, not to do with the challenge, just

– Just life – Wardrobe essential – Lovely – See you in a bit, Helen – See you! (soft music) – Hi, my name is Connie Constance, I'm a singer-songwriter from London, I'm one of Elias' best mates, we knew each other since we were this high

– Happy birthday! These are for you There we're go – Thank you! – Womenswear challenge, we've been wanting to do it for time I obviously came to you because like, I wanna go like, check out some of your pieces see if there's anything I could potentially borrow? – Oh my God (laughing) Yes! This is so weird, seeing you in my clothes

Woo! Nice! Ah they bang Oh my God! (laughing) What the hell? Wait put your arms straight Oh (laughing) – No! – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah – That's the one, what! – [Connie] I knew you were gonna find something

– That one! So I've got the main piece, this vintage Moschina jacket is so peng, I just need to find the rest of the outfit, the trousers, the top Gotta get some shades, women's sunglasses bang! – Womenswear challenge obviously come to Mile End to check my homegirl, Ruth Peterson, who is a sick, sick, sick fashion designer Thought it would be a good idea to get Ruth's insight, you know, maybe she can give me some advice – Hello, I'm Ruth Peterson, designer from Liverpool I've been friends with Shaq for quite a while now

We're gonna have a little chat now and see if I can help him out with the womenswear challenge – Yo so some Donny has, some Donny just asked if I was an Art Attack presenter (upbeat music) Oh, didn't see you there Hi, my name's Shaquil Keith, welcome to Art Attack As you can clearly see I got busy with my spray paints

Gee willikers, did my hands hurt Haha So, what would you guys like to see me do today? What's that? Oil pastels? We haven't got any of those, I'm afraid (upbeat music) So I saw Skepta wear one of your chainsaw massacre dungarees, and like, why this festival – He was the one person I always thought, I would love him to wear my stuff

Three, four months later I was stood on the side of the stage at Wireless, watching Skepta, next to like, Pharrell, in my dungarees, it was like a really amazing opportunity – Er, me and the boys basically have to get the best womenswear outfit, and we have to wear it, but it has to be able to pass off as like an outfit that a guy could wear, too – If you kinda think about the type of person that you wanna be You could be like the arty girl, like kinda blazer, big jumper – I wasn't even thinking about a style really, truly, but now that you say it like that

– I'd go for the few vintage pieces, maybe, and then maybe if you accessorise or get like a cool coat – Definitely need to go back to the drawing board think about what I definitely wanna get, cause I need to win the challenge – I'm Cora Delaney and I work in the fashion industry I bumped into Dex at fashion week the other day, and he asked me to come and help him with this womenswear project – So what is like your initial thoughts, on what you are gonna wear

I can see a long baby pink jacket that has your name all over it – It's very tight (laughs) I is out Feelers, yeah, hopefully they've got my size I'm not gonna lie, these are so tight

– Maybe like some glitter, you down for some glitter? (laughing) No they're not bad if you sag them! No, they are – It's bare hard – I think you're gonna lose Elias or Danny is gonna win because they've got the girly bodies – [Dex] They're just slim and long, man

– Yeah they're gonna win – Argh, I feel uncomfortable (mumbles) That was a very traumatic event – Very, very worried, yeah – Determined to find something, just one thing

– [Cora] Here we go! – I don't wanna take that, navy blue and black I won't lie it's a lot harder than I thought with sizings and stuff, like Oh man, this is a lot harder than I thought it would be The stress is intense Is this what women go through? – Hey, I'm Vanessa White, and the boys have invited me down here today to judge their womenswear challenge

Hey guys, how you doing? What have you been up to? – All good, so this episode is all about womenswear, we wanted to do it for so long – If one of you wore heels, I think that would be great, but I can't see that happening Okay Dex, lets see what you've got I'm really cold do you mind if I have my jacket, please? Thanks – I don't know what he's gonna kinda do, cause I think he could go quite, like, gothic, like Marilyn Manson kind of

(upbeat music) – Okay, Balenciaga – Hey – Mr Man – I like it

– I appreciate that Balenci, womenswear jacket, I love like, long black trenchcoats This is actually my boy's brand He handprinted it himself, Kappa pants, 'cause like, I feel like they're just unisex – I really like the feelers, and I've actually those pants

And this bangs – Damn – That is sick – Yeah that's fresh – Your approach to it is hard

– Bruv even womens clothes I can still drop the same ste's – Shaq, how you feeling, are you ready? – Yeah, I'm, yeah, we're all winners at the end of the day – Oh my God, you don't say that any other time – What do you think Shaq is gonna come up with? – He's currently in his Dad's creps so maybe he'll look for mum creps – Mate can I literally just run to that other toilet? Sorry

(soft music) – Wait, wait, wait – Oh my God! (cackling) – Wait, wait, my weebs talking now (upbeat music) – Got the jacket from Marques Almeida, – Got inspired by the slit on the ashtray sleeve, you tried to cut us out, innit? – Do you know what, yeah, I had an option between this, and the Fenty Puma jacket, and I almost didn't get this because of the sleeve 'cause I knew, I knew this guy would say something about him inspiring me – When this is zipped up it kinda gave me that silhouette with the actual North-E, but this is like, a futuristic version of it – So these are, some baggy, like joggers

And I really like the material as well, I love Alexander McQueen's oversized sneakers What really sold me was the giant paperclip I love it, because I'm an artist as well, I feel like it's just bare, like, artsy – Are ya? You've never mentioned it – Yeah I haven't, have I? And underneath I got Belenciaga hoodie

This was actually a woman's clutch bag, it had like little handle, where it also came with a strap so you can make it a bit longer – I love it Do you know why I love it so much? 'Cause this is such a me outfit, that whole thing, it's actually crazy No, very good – Well done mate

– Thank you – It's like a pillow, innit? – Elias, how you feeling? – Man's ready – Good? – Yeah, to take it back out of this world – Elias, he has like an alter-ego, he's the Astroboy – So he's got blue hair and dressed in all colours, and Dex is all black with red hair, so it is like, hero and villain

– But we all have one goal To just be happy – That's good (upbeat music) – Mad – I like

– Mad – Jacket! – Jacket's hard – You look like your girl went to the toilet and you're just holding her bag – Yeah, innit! (laughing) It genuinely does, I feel like, that is genuinely it – My sunglasses are, Marques Almeida, absolutely love wearing sunglasses

– They're so sick – Got the vintage Moschino womens jacket, Martine Rose top, Prada womens track pants as well – They are so hard So sick – Womens patterned AirForce's, and then I've got my LV monogrammed bag, it is a bootleg, though, because I wanted the colour way to kinda match my outfit and I couldn't find one, so I was like, you know what, bootleg, I was like, obviously like it has a zip here so you can pull it up, you can make them like, you can show a leg

You can show leg (laughing) – Go on, son – He's thinking, I should've shaved – I don't think there's a part of the outfit that I don't like – You know, before I deepsed there was a peace sign, I thought he had a pretzel on his jacket

– Danny, how you feeling, you are last – Erm, I don't know, I've seen all your three, I feel a bit, yeah – I'm excited – Someone's gotta be – Talk to me about Danny, what do you think he's gonna do? – He's got like the proper body frame to go like, tight with it today, mate

– Yeah, oh – Oh my God – Whoa, bruh (upbeat music) – Danny's a pimp! I've been saying this! – A Fendi, like, turtleneck We have the Burberry poncho, Joseph trousers, like the massive flairs

'Cause I've really worn flairs And then the Gucci boots, which I just think are – Cute – Sick – So classy! I actually wanna try this look myself

No, I love it Well done, it's so good – Thank you very much! – It's hard to pick one thing because you've all done so good, but Elias I love the jacket, Danny I love the shoes, I love your Balenciaga jacket, I would rock that I also love your trainers, the McQueens Do I have to pick right now this second? Oh! Right now? Oh I don't like this

And also I'm really indecisive person, so that's not helping with anything I will go for (soft music) Danny! (clapping) – I'm not gonna lie, I don't think I blame you

– Well played, boys – You all did so well, but Danny like I just love the way like, you really stood out, it's really classy, and I just wasn't expecting that at all – Thank you very much – Danny took the win What a steezy Grandma he is

– I feel like what clenched it was kinda, the Grandma aesthetic – He looks like he'd have a violin He don't need to play it, he'll just be like, yeah I've got this violin from here This particular person played it – You don't have to necessarily stick to the men's section – It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it, you gotta remember that

– I'd like to have a massive thank you to Vanessa for coming down, lovely girl So I'm Danny, your winner Catch you in a bit (upbeat music) (dramatic music) (laughing) – These are so dead!

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