3 Ways to Look Better in Clothes in 2018 | DIY Old to New Clothes Makeover!

If you want to take your fashion to the next level for 2018, you don't need to buy new clothes – no you just need to transform your old ones! Welcome back everyone! My name is Shrinidhi and I believe you shouldn't have to change your body to fit your clothing, you can change your clothing to fit you! We can't transform your whole closet in this video but I do want you to find three outfits Outfit number one – the outfit you're too insecure to wear

Outfit number two – the outfit you're too uncomfortable in to wear And outfit number three – the one that's too comfortable because it doesn't do your body any justice So I have three of those outfits and I'm going to fix all three of them today! This first outfit is a very form-fitting bodycon dress, which I love but my insecurity is my stomach and this highlights it Your insecurity may be different so you can't follow my steps exactly

The general idea is just to put a thicker fabric underneath your clothing to smooth over the area that you're insecure So find some thick non- stretch fabric and measure exactly how much you need Then I sewed the sides to the inside of my dress and wow – look how much bigger it is! So then while stretching out the dress with a board, I glued the dress to the fabric so that it stays permanently expanded There you go! This will work on any stretchy form-fitting clothing and it's much more comfortable than shapewear, trust me The pants are SO tight on this outfit but I'm going to loosen them up by using a stretchy material Again, you may have different clothing but the general idea is to replace some of the fabric with stretchy fabric

That way it becomes looser and more comfortable I'm using one of the most magical of stretchy fabrics – leggings! I cut out small squares from old leggings to go on the sides of these pants Then I cut out this area on the pants and I sewed my new legging squares to replace it It's much more comfortable and hey, my muffin top disappeared as well This shirt is doing a free shirt I got somewhere and it's an oversized men's t-shirt so I'm gonna make it fit for a woman's shape

That's all In general, women's shirts have narrower shoulders and smaller sleeves so that's what I'm changing I've linked a more detail tutorial on how to do this in the upper right corner of this video I'm also making it shorter because why not? *laugh* Just kidding, it's cuz I always wear high waisted sweats and jeans And that's it! See how much of a difference good fit makes? Even my free t-shirt and sweats look fashionable! That's it everyone! I hope in 2018 you will look good, feel good, and just rock your clothes with confidence

In the comments below, tell me which transformation is most useful to you, so I can perhaps make a full video just about it Like if you liked this video, subscribe to get more Do-It-Yourself Fashion and Tips, and I will see you next time! Bye!

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